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Since the release of the film Steve can now confirm that he does appear in the new Bond film “ Quantum of Solace”.  The filming of the scene took place on the sound stage at Pinewood Studions, home of 007, in January 2007.
The scenes that were filmed were the internal shots at Mitchell’s apartment. Mitchell was the personal bodyguard of M’s, but it turned out he was a traitor when he helped White to escape. The scene is set with Bond arriving at the apartment then walking down a long hallway and entering Mitchell’s apartment. Steve was stationed on the door as an agent guarding the crime scene. Once inside Bond meets up with M.
A forensic team work in the background looking for clues.

Quantum of Solace

Eventually they find a stash of bank notes, which leads Bond to Haiti.

During his time filming on the set Steve met both Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench.
Steve said " To say the set was big would be an understatement, even though it filled the whole of the sound stage the attention to detail was incredible, right down to a Gas bill being addressed to Mitchell placed on the door mat". Once the film went on nationl release Steve started getting calls from friends and clients saying “was that you in the corridor at the beginning of the film”? and the answer is “Yes!”

With the release of the Quantum of Solace, Bond fever has swept the world.
TV documentaries, magazine covers, and countless newspaper interviews have made this one of the most anticipated Bond films to watch.

Steve has had a variety of assignments due to this renewed interest in James Bond. This includes appearing at Regional Premiers of QOS in the UK, an after show VIP party in Oslo, Norway for QOS, Exclusive premier screenings of QOS in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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